The advance of digital cooperation as a motivator of individual strategies. The case of Becommerce

The advance of digital cooperation as a motivator of individual strategies. The case of Becommerce

In digital environments, it is vital to keep a good nucleus of professionals close by who can enable you to advance as quickly as possible. In this sense, I have had the opportunity to see first-hand the progress of an association such as Becommerce.

Becommerce was born in 2005 as a division of the current B.A.M. (Belgian Association of Marketing) and is now an important digital commerce platform that is part of the European Digital Commerce Organisation, Ecommerce Europe.

The reason for writing about such associations is the necessary conception of business progress as digital progress. If we leave out traditional businesses that justify, for some unknown reason, their lack of digital presence, organisations or associations of this type are necessary for what, in the words of Becommerce’s directors, is understood as “Digital performance and business performance are the same“. In addition, these associations promote the empowerment of the digital market with continuous reports and comparative studies carried out by the associations themselves so that, through benchmarking, they can encourage good corporate practices that make the associates and their digital businesses grow.

Returning to the case of Becommerce, success comes from configuring a methodology and appropriate sources, such as its associates, being a perfect symbiosis with permeability even to society and, therefore, to social progress. Although the best classified in the ranking are top-tech companies such as Facebook, Instagram or Amazon, it is motivating for its associates and for society itself to know how in 2022, the sectors by categories the most significant development will be in “Clothing” followed by “Home & Garden” and “Platforms & Auctions”.

In summary, it is vital to highlight the progress of strategic digital cooperation as a motivator of individual operations through the establishment of benchmarking as a differentiating element of the work of different associations such as Becommerce.

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