Efficiency, efficiency and effectiveness

Efficiency, efficiency and effectiveness

I have carried out many studies focusing on efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness. Most of them have indeed referred to the Spanish Security Forces and Corps, and it is also true that, in them, I have always wanted to highlight the importance of incorporating these terms in any process of public management and coordination as a guarantee of how the different bodies represent the citizens.

There are three meanings that the different administrations have to contemplate when proceeding, namely:

  • Efficiency: Understood as the capacity to perform or adequately fulfil a function, it is the most important in establishing the milestones, goals and objectives that a public entity must meet in any phase of its functions.
  • Effectiveness: What we understand as the capacity to produce the desired effect or to do well at certain things is fundamental to understanding and comprehending the alignment that must exist concerning the concerns of citizens and thus give meaning to the work of the administrations in a positive sense.
  • Effectiveness: Very similar in meaning, effectiveness is the capacity to achieve the desired or expected effect, i.e. in this case, we would consider a new variant, which is also to incorporate the wishes of the different citizens.

The good work of public institutions is based on the fulfilment of the three precepts mentioned above, always by the work aimed at managing and coordinating by efficiency as the prevalence of this concerning efficacy and effectiveness.

To comply with all of the above, a complete observation of the process to be undertaken is necessary, which will allow it to be dimensioned in such a way that nothing is left to chance and that it can be fulfilled in a way that is consistent with the needs of the citizens.

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