Competitiveness and the external sector. Impact on peripheral areas

Competitiveness and the external sector. Impact on peripheral areas

While in the previous blog entry, I alluded to the importance of the competitiveness of organisations from a general point of view and how this, in turn, led to success in the internationalisation process itself, now it is time to focus on the greater relevance of the impact on peripheral areas, which is even more pronounced.

In a context of economic globalisation, if peripheral areas do not apply policies of inclusion in international trade, along with changes in the productive structure, in the application of new technologies or by the implementation of new personnel policies, the problems derived from their peripheral situation will grow exponentially. The periphery suffers from disadvantages and insufficiencies that translate into issues of competitiveness of its economies and can mitigate that thanks to international trade. Among all the disadvantages that a peripheral area may suffer, I would like to highlight the following:

  • The higher unemployment rate would directly affect young people.
  • Lack of entrepreneurship.
  • Rural exodus, with the consequent ageing of the population.

Therefore, to give an excellent boost to peripheral organisations and for them to generate increased activity and employment growth, supported by the structural change that, in aggregate terms, is taking place in the Spanish economy with a notable improvement in the deterioration of competitiveness since joining the euro, with a period of stable growth and job creation, and with an improvement in the elasticity of employment in economic activity, it is necessary to carry out activities of an international nature.

However, the points made in the above text can become counterproductive if the internationalisation activity is carried out without the necessary support of appropriate methods and professionals. In addition to all of the above, it should be noted that although internationalisation and the consequent competitiveness to carry it out is essential in a peripheral area, it is even more critical in places where, in addition to being peripheral, there is also a border factor, i.e. being a border area.

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